Weekly Update December 7, 2018

OMCHS Weekly Update!

What’s New in the OMC Family:

This week I participated in the articulation meeting with Oxnard Elementary and Pleasant Valley.  I provided information on Oxnard Middle College High School and College Readiness.  I participated in the Directors meeting on Wednesday, we continued the planning for registration and summer school among other topics.  On Friday Counselors participated in OC Connect at Oxnard College.  I had the opportunity to attend the event.  I participated in the RIO STEAM event hosted by Rio District at Rio Del Sol this last Thursday.  I collaborated with Shannon Houston and Karen Chadwick on advertising the ACSA student essay contest and this week we met to review 72 essays that were submitted by students representing every school in our district.  On Wednesday I met with LDC Sonny Sajor to plan for the PSAT training on PSAT results.  We will start providing teacher training at sites the second week of December.  PSAT reports will be sent to site administration next week.  I have been downloading some of the reports and will be meeting with AP’s to review the data. 

English:  This week in English, students completed the writing process for a literary analysis essay about the graphic novel, March.  They also began creating their own graphic novel style civil rights narratives using Pixton!

AVID:  AVID students finished creating infographics to share their research on a topic of choice. They also had the opportunity to participate in the ongoing Oxnard College workshops offered by the Writing and Reading Center. This week’s workshop was centered around learning from mistakes and developing a growth mindset.

ASB: ASB celebrated the Computer Science Hour of Code with the Dance Party Module.  We had so much fun coding cartoon characters to dance to popular songs.

Counseling: This week in counseling, Mrs. Sand will continue to meet with parents to discuss the OMCHS pathways, graduation requirements, and also review the IGETC.  On Friday, she will be attending the “OUHSD Connection” event at Oxnard College.  This professional development event will provide high school professionals the opportunity to interact with colleagues from OUHSD, VCOE surrounding school districts, as well as professionals from OC.  Counselors, career techs, and professional staff will be joining deans and department heads from Oxnard College in roundtable discussions to learn about the resources available at Oxnard College.  Student Services and Academic Programs will also present at the event, and attendees will also learn about new developments on campus.

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