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Weekly Update January 11, 2019

OMCHS Weekly Update!

What’s New in the OMC Family: 

English: Students began the study of rhetoric with a class discussion, an interactive edpuzzle, and activities on vocab.com.  We look forward to analyzing texts, images, and speeches this quarter to understand the ways in which language is used to impact an audience!

AVID:  AVID students participated in a Growth Mindset Escape Room activity, which led them through team challenges and helped them to reflect on the importance of persistence.  The Griffins then set goals for 2019.  They also participated in a close reading of their college Science syllabus to strategize for success this semester.

Math: Welcome back OMCHS!  We are looking forward to a great semester in math exploring quadratic graphs, rational equations, statistics and geometry.  

Counseling: This week in counseling Mrs. Sand will continue to meet with parents to discuss pathways offered and to also review their student’s semester 1 grades.  She will also present to the AVID class on the topic of SAT Scores.  This includes how to view their results and how they can improve their score.  Students will also meet with students individually to review their semester 1 grades and find out areas that students would like additional support in.

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