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Weekly Update January 18, 2019

OMCHS Weekly Update!

What’s New in the OMC Family: 

Oxnard College Community: Many of the Griffins had the opportunity to attend Pizza with the President of Oxnard College.

English: This week in English, students practiced analyzing rhetoric, utilizing several online tools and Edu Protocols.  They also studied logical fallacies and appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos.  The online tool, No Red Ink, helped students to hone their peer editing and MLA skills.

AVID: AVID students participated in collaborative study groups and began the exciting process of creating their digital portfolios! 

ASB: ASB participated in student-driven clubs and started their study of Digital Citizenship through EdPuzzle!

Math: In math, the students completed a project in math involving volume and polynomials.

Counseling:  OMCHS held its first Open House this week!  Mrs. Sand shared with parents a brief overview on how to read report cards, and difference between progress grades and semester grades.  During the presentation, students were able to share their perspective and let their families and peers know what they’ve enjoyed most from counseling this year.  This included sharing highlights from our field trip to CLU earlier this year and what they look forward to in the upcoming field trip that we have planned to UCLA.  Students also gave insight on what they’ve learned about A-G requirements and how the regular grade check-ins with Mrs. Sand have been helpful.


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