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Weekly Update January 25, 2019

Students stand near the blackboard

What’s New in the OMC Family: 

English: This week in English, students listened to the Stanford University Commencement speech by Steve Jobs and read 2 articles presenting opposing viewpoints on the second amendment.  Students analyzed the speech and texts to determine the rhetorical devices and strategies used by the authors to stake a claim.  They also looked closely at the ways in which professional authors use concession and refutation to persuade an audience.

AVID: AVID students created interactive Quizlet sets to study for their college science class, participated in collaborative study groups, and wrote statements of purpose for their digital portfolios.  The Griffins wrote about why they selected OMCHS and what plans they have for their powerful futures.

ASB: ASB participated in student-driven clubs and continued their study of Digital Citizenship through EdPuzzle!  This week’s lessons included interactive video content about online privacy, strong passwords, phone safety, and copyright/fair use.

Medical Terminology: This week students in Medical Terminology are learning about the Cardiovascular system.  Students learned how to locate their radial pulse and how to check their pulse.  Do you need to check your pulse?  Also, one of our students they would be happy to help.

Counseling: Mrs. Sand will continue to meet with parents to discuss their student’s semester 1 progress and also discuss a plan for a successful semester 2.  We strive to build community with students and families to ensure we maximize our students’ success.  This week in counseling Mrs. Sand, will also meet with our students during AVID to discuss what areas/topics the students would like her to present on this semester.  She will also have the students reflect on semester 1 and share what they hope to accomplish this semester.

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