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Mrs. Guthrie Representing OUHSD and OMC at a VCOE Educational Leadership Conference!

On the table are 5 notebooks with reports

Mrs. Guthrie had the opportunity to represent Oxnard Middle College and Oxnard Union High School District at the Ventura County Office of Education last week. The VCOE hosted a conference with the theme: Nuance, Leadership for Coherence and Deep Change. In addition to the keynote address from the renowned speaker, Michael Fullan,  the conference also encouraged local teachers from around the county to share best practices in a museum-style gallery walk. Mrs. Guthrie teamed up with OUHSD coordinator of educational technology, Mr. Jay Sorenson, to share the powerful work of student-led assessment that the OMC family has been working hard on this year. Below, you can find a glimpse at the presentation.  Please feel free to stop by and talk to Mrs. Guthrie about this topic, which is one of her passion projects!

The presentation started with the following premise that is rooted in peer-reviewed, educational research from Sonny Magana

The conversation then moved on to the importance of students regularly reflecting on their work and assessing themselves on the key standards in a content area: 

Another key strand in the table talk was the concept that students should receive more support and formative evaluation during the creation process when they still have the chance to grow as opposed to feedback at the end when they are out of opportunities. 

Student Self-Assessment is part of a larger T3 initiative in OUHSD, which aims to move educational technology integration through the stages of Sonny Magana’s Disruptive Classroom Technology: 

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