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Weekly Update February 8, 2019

The Griffins are organized, motivated, greative, honorable, scholars

What’s New in the OMC Family: 

English: This week in English, students began the process of writing argument essays on a topic of their choice based on a list of engaging, relevant topics from the New York Times.  The Griffins are concentrating on credible research close reading, organized writing, and conventions of English.  They are exercising voice and choice through the range of topics and rhetorical strategies that suit each student’s style.

AVID: In AVID this week, students collaborated on strategies for success in their college science class!  Every week the Griffins are becoming stronger students and teammates through the portfolio reflections and collaborative study group process.

ASB: The Griffins came together to show their gratitude to our counselor Mrs. Sand.  Happy National School Counseling Week!

Math: The Griffins created quadratics projects.  Students needed to determine the maximum possible area given a limited perimeter.  We are continuing to work with quadratics, please ask your student to sing you.  


Medical Terminology: In Medical Terminology, students were increasing their heart rate to compare the differences between their resting heart rate vs. mild exercise.  Students had to count quickly an accurately once their partners heart rate was increased.

Counseling: This week in counseling, Mrs. Sand will be hosting parent meetings to discuss their students progress in their college class.  She will show parents hot to navigate Canvas, so they can check-in on their child’s progress from home.  In addition, Mrs. Sand will also be presenting to the students in AVID about the UC system.  More specifically, they will learn more about UCLA prior t their field trip next week!  She will also have an activity for them to do that is related to study tips and strategies.  

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