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Weekly Update April 26, 2019

student takes pictures by the big tree

What’s New in the OMC Family:

English: After reading Act 1 of Romeo and Juliet, students selected an option from a choice board to create representations of their understanding of the play, including a reference to reading through an Aristotelian lens. The choice board included acting out a scene on video, creating a snapchat summary, or writing and song/poem.  Students shared projects with each other to reinforce key concepts from the Shakespearean tragedy.

Here is a link to a sample student snapchat video summary

Here is a link to a series of haikus written by a student

Here is a link to a sample of students acting out a scene

AVID: The Griffins led and learned from each other in our first annual EdCampGriffin!  Students collaborated to create a session board of passions that they wanted to share with each other. Sessions ranged from ASL, yoga/breathing, bullet journaling, calligraphy, esports, how to dance huapangos and more! After the edcamp, they reflected on their learning and made plans for future collaborative learning experiences!

ASB: All students are working with Gabe Teran from the VCOE on a Friday Night Live Design challenge. They have begun brainstorming video ideas and are planning to work with Straight Up VC, a local advocacy group to produce a video, which will have the goal of creating social change around prevention of underage drinking. In addition, the ASB yearbook club continued to create the google slides yearbook. Check out this awesome picture taken by a student photographer for our most athletic superlative page!

OC: Ms. Hernandez has also been guiding students through the process of registering for summer and fall classes at Oxnard College.

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