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Weekly Update May 17, 2019


What’s New in the OMC Family:

English: In English, students continued to work on tracking their mastery of key content standards. They also finished reading the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.  In the last few weeks of school, students will be conducting research through the library databases and synthesizing the information with Romeo and Juliet through a writing assignment and a creative project selected from a menu of options. The link below is to a recent student video re-enactment of Act 2 of Romeo and Juliet:

Act 2 Student Video

AVID: In AVID, students supported each other in their learning through creating video tutorials of important concepts that they have learned this year. They each selected a different topic from the final study guide for college geography and high school math so that all topics were covered. Then, students posted the video tutorials in google classroom so that they could all benefit from each other’s resources during the study process. The links below show a few samples of student-created tutorials using google jamboard and screencastify:

The Rock Cycle

Plate Boundaries and their Movements

Solving Literal Equations

Completing the Square

Yearbook: The 2018-2019 student-created yearbook is ready and listed for sale! This yearbook was created for students, by students during our yearbook club meetings. All yearbooks must be ordered online and delivered directly to students’ homes. There will be no direct sales at school. These links are not set to expire, so students can continue ordering throughout the summer; however, students must order ASAP if they want to get it signed by peers during the last day of school. Please see parent square or google classroom for links to order. The soft cover option is approximately $20 and the hardcover option is approximately $35.  The digital PDF was provided to all students for free. Contact Mrs. Guthrie with questions or concerns.

Medical Terminology: Studentslearned about the Urinary System and participated in a hands-on urinalysis lab, testing several sample sugary beverages with reagent strips!

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