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Weekly Update May 31, 2019

Group photo of students

What’s New in the OMC Family:

English: In English, students continued working on their final research projects, which tie Romeo and Juliet with current issues in society today. Students were able to select relevant issues to their lives as inspiration for their scholarly research in the Oxnard College Library databases. They practiced their reading, annotation, and rhetorical précis writing skills for each article. Then, they created an annotated bibliography for all sources in MLA format. This project showcases their voice and choice in topic as well as the culmination of many skills they have acquired over the school year.

AVID: In AVID, students worked together in teams to solve the academic review digital breakouts created by other classmates. They also finished up their digital portfolios for the year, which house student work from across the curriculum with reflections as well as resumés, awards, and other co-curricular artifacts.  

ASB: In ASB, students wrote letters to the incoming Freshmen, which welcomed them to our program and gave them advice for success. Students also had the opportunity to participate in a mystery skype game with a middle school class in Ontario, Canada! The classes took turns asking questions to figure out each other’s location. It was a fun exercise in teamwork, communication, geography, critical thinking, and cultural exchange! Thank you so much to Ms. Piñon and Mr. Sorensen at the District Office for coming out to help us participate in this activity! Their leadership is helping us breakdown the classroom walls to bring our students into the global classroom and we are grateful for it!

Digital Citizenship: 100% of OMCHS students have completed the EdPuzzle Digital Citizenship Certification Course and received their certificate! As a 1 to 1 school in 2019, one of our priorities is to not only use technology to transform teaching and learning, but also to make sure that students understand how to be responsible and kind to themselves and others through technology. The course walked students through topics like: Cyberbullying, Copyright, Avoiding Online Scams, Posture Concerns, Cell Phone Addiction, and much more!

FNL: Last week, a few Griffins represented our school at the FNL/TUPE Awards Night at the VCOE! The students did a wonderful job presenting the advocacy projects that they have done this semester. Thank you, Gabe Teran, from the VCOE and Carrie Wolfe from OUHSD for partnering with us to empower students to make responsible decisions and create powerful projects!

Principal’s Message: This week I met with Nurses working Summer School.  We reviewed their assignment for this summer and how to better meet the needs of students during summer school, since each of them will be supporting three sites.  I attended the mandatory meeting hosted for teachers that will be teaching online classes this summer.  This Thursday, I met with Intervention Specialist, Catalina Espinoza and with Michael Van Auker to review the areas of strength and needs for SPED students at OMCHS.  This week we hosted our student awards night and also took the opportunity to recognize our Classified and Certificated employees of the year.  I facilitated the last Mentor Counselor Meeting for the year this Friday.  We discussed topics for professional development opportunities for next school year.  To end the week our College Board representative and I hosted the last professional development session for this year with Counselors and Assistant Principals to review updates on AP and PSAT exams for next school year.  It was a very productive session.  On Saturday, Jun 1, we will be hosting our freshman orientation.  We have 37 students attending the session.  

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