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Weekly Update September 20, 2019

OMCHS Weekly Update!

This week’s update is from Mrs. Guthrie, English and Academic Enrichment teacher. 

Back to School Night: 

Oxnard Middle College had a fantastic turn out for Back to School Night. Parents were welcomed with a warm greeting from all faculty and staff as well as a brief address from Dr. DeLeon, our Superintendent. Dr. McCoy, the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services was also present to welcome families. We started the evening with our proud Principal, Ms. Hernandez sharing highlights from the 2018-2019 school year as well as updates from the fall of 2019. Then, parents had the opportunity to visit classrooms and speak with the counselor, Ms. Sand. Highlights in the general session included: 
100% of OMCHS students  are enrolled in a college class
97% of OMCHS students completed a college class over the summer. 
WASC accreditation through 2022! 
OMCHS is now a College Board Testing Center
100 % of OMCHS students have a Khan Academy and College Board Account
The OMCHS curriculum has been approved in a-g and uploaded to UC course management
Attendance for OMCHS last year was 97.84%All classes have moved to a central location in the JCC buildings. 
Thank you to ALL our students, parents, faculty, staff, families, and community members who helped achieve these highlights! If you are interested in participating in the school community this year, please see Mrs. Berumen in the Main Office to sign up for: School Site Council, ELAC, District LCAP, Superintendent’s Parent Advisory, Citizen’s Advisory to name the new school or other opportunities that may fit your schedule! 

Khan Academy: 

All OMCHS students are up and running on Khan Academy. They have a goal of 30 minutes of practice per week, which is completed primarily during their academic enrichment period. The Sophomores all have Khan Academy connected to their College Board Account so that they are given targeted practice based on their PSAT 9 scores from 2018. The Freshmen have been working through diagnostics as well as watching Khan videos about the basics of the test format and how the scores will be used. Their practice will be customized after this year’s PSAT administration. In addition to Khan Academy, the Freshmen will also go through a brief orientation to the paper test in early October to demystify the process and help everyone feel comfortable before testing day. Along with the whole district, we will give all students the PSAT during the school day on October 16th. 

Focused Notes: 

As an AVID-wide program, teachers have made a commitment to guiding students through focused note-taking in all classes. In English, this often looks like annotating poems and articles. Students read closely, discuss collaboratively, and view their work through the lens of rhetorical strategies or poetic devices. Then, they process their notes with Essential Questions and summaries. Our Freshmen are reading a variety of articles about the impact of technology on communication and our sophomores are reading poetry during the first unit of study. 

Presentation Skills: 

The Freshmen had fun last Friday creating the Worst Presos Ever. This is a fun, fast-paced, smart start EduProtocol during which the students show each other all of the pitfalls of presentations. Then as a class, we discuss and take notes about strategies for successful presentations. When we are all finished laughing, we never forget this lesson! 

Clear, Coherent Writing: 

In addition to reading and speaking, the Griffins are off to a great start as young writers. The Freshmen have been writing rhetorical précis to analyze the situation, audience, purpose, and style of the articles we have been reading. The sophomores have gone through the writing process for 3 original poems and are now in the middle of a compare and contrast essay which will have them juxtaposing the work of Dickinson, Hughes, Auden, or Eliot with current research that they are finding in the Oxnard College library databases. 

Authentic Writing and School Community: 

Griffins write for a variety of purposes. In addition to formal writing process pieces, students also blog to build community, empathy, and authentic writing skills. The Freshmen posted advice for each other to be successful here at Oxnard Middle College! 

Thank you for checking in for our Friday update! Be sure to visit our school website every Friday for look into what is happening around our campus. Have a great weekend! 

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