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Weekly Update October 25, 2019

OMCHS Weekly Update!

Hello Griffin Families!

The weeks are adding up! (pun intended) We are now past the first quarter mark!

Math 1 has just wrapped up Unit 2, concentrating on Graphing and Writing Linear Functions.  They presented a project using the distance formula and converting units.  They created travel advertisements to a location outside of the solar system.  The projects turned out great!

In Math 2 we are working on sequences and series, and we just finished a chapter on geometric modeling.  I am excited to see the students School Board projects dealing with population density.

Everyone has been working hard, and doing a great job of collaborating and helping each other as we learn new math concepts!

Thank you for all of your support, and for helping your students be successful!

Counselor’s Corner:

This Tuesday OMCHS held its first “Coffee with the Counselor” of the year for 10th grade students and families. Mrs. Sand talked to parents about areas of focus for sophomore year such as, building a resume, UC GPA, and Oxnard College classes for next semester. She also presented on the UC System and the CSU System. Parents learned about admission factors and how the two college systems differ. 

Principal’s Message:

OMCHS hosted “Coffee with the Counselor” this past Tuesday.  AVID Coordinator visited AVID classes this week and we discussed training students to help during the AVID tutorials.  I participated in the School Site Council training hosted by Dr. McCoy and Guadalupe Reyes.  This Thursday I presented at Oxnard Elementary District to DELAC an overview of OMCHS.  On Friday OMCHS held their faculty meeting.  

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