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Weekly Update: December 6, 2019

OMCHS Final Exam Schedule 2019

Hello OMC Family! 

As you know, our Griffins have been busy wrapping up the semester. Their hard work in high school and college courses has really paid off! As we transition into the spring semester, be sure to talk to your students about the schedule for their college class and strategies for making the best use of their time here on campus. Don’t forget that Oxnard College offers free tutoring and reading/writing support in the library that students can access during off periods. If you have questions, call the office to get a quick answer or schedule an appointment with the counselor, principal, or teachers. We are here to help all students learn to navigate the educational system successfully! Please see our final exam schedule above and recent highlights. Check back every Friday for more news from around Oxnard Middle College!  

Here are some glimpses into griffin life: 

Students have been studying hard for recent math unit tests and the upcoming math final. Many students have been taking advantage of Mrs. Scholl’s after school tutoring! Check out this packed house at a recent study session!  

In English 89, Freshmen students have been collaborating and leading the learning on thoughts, questions, and epiphanies in response to literature. They have also been writing literary analysis papers and tracking their mastery through our ongoing reflection document and digital portfolios. 

In English 99, students have finished up Animal Farm by George Orwell, and now they are working on a choice board in which they are selecting a project to showcase animal symbolism and rhetoric skills. The project choices include creating a children’s book, writing and delivering a TED talk, or producing a commercial! 

In Academic Enrichment, students are working together to prepare for college finals as well as work on high school assignments. 

We had so much fun at the fall festival! It was a fabulous afternoon to celebrate our first quarter academic successes also just relax and enjoy each other’s company! Thank you to all the families who brought food. 

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