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Weekly Update February 7, 2020

Students tell something to each other

Happy February Griffin Families!

Math 1 has just wrapped up a chapter on Exponential Functions, and we are diving in to Polynomials with gusto!  Your students will be learning to add, subtract, multiply and factor polynomials and then we will begin learning to graph quadratics.  There will be a large focus on new vocabulary as we enter into new topics and ideas.  Please ask them about the words and concepts at home to help them begin to assimilate the lingo.

Math 2 is on the other end of the polynomial spectrum, wrapping up a chapter on accurate graphing of higher degree polynomial functions.  They have been mastering the tools needed to completely factor polynomials, and to graph them using important points, then to describe what the behavior of the graph is over.  This has been a fairly long, intense chapter, and today they will be taking a test to assess all that they have learned.  When your student gets home, please congratulate them on completing this section, there have been quite a few full page length problems, and they have done a wonderful job persevering in working through multiple methods to be successful.

It is always a pleasure teaching you students! Thank you again for all of your support, and for helping your students be successful!

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