Weekly Update September 24, 2021

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On Monday, September 20th parents and students met with the OUHSD Superintendent Dr. McCoy to take part in the Superintendent Parent Council meeting. In this meeting important and pertinent information was shared and discussed between the parents, students and Superintendent. During this meeting parents and students were informed on all district projects and were asked for input on topics of interest pertaining to OMCHS.

A public school budget is always an important topic and one that requires input form parents, students and staff. In most budget meetings critical funds allocation and future needs are discussed. It is important to have active stakeholders present during these meetings so schools can allocate funds in the best possible ways that provide a safe, healthy and fun learning environment. On Thursday, September 23rd PTSA members met on campus in room JCC1A at 5 pm to discuss this matter. If you would like to be a part of these important meetings please contact the school and join the PTSA.

Art is a great way that individuals can express themselves as well as destress. Art club met on Tuesday, September 21st after school and students were able to participate in fun art activities. In this club meeting students were able to express their feelings and emotions through the use of art. This club meeting was focused on self portraits as well as identity art.  

Being a student at Oxnard Middle College High School is a very awesome experience that comes with its benefits as well as its challenges. With students returning from a school year that was taught online, it is important to the community of OMCHS to help our students and faculty navigate the challenges that may be felt coming back to full time in person. To better help our community students met with highly qualified staff members to focus on peer wellness. These employees help to conduct and lead peer interviews in preparation for future social emotional and wellness meetings. 

Not that we are looking forward to the end of the school year, but our yearbook club was bursting at the seems during lunch on Tuesday, September 21st where Mr. Perfino asked questions and received input from students that represented all grade levels at OMCHS.


Oxnard Middle College students are looking to be active participants in future elections and want a say in what happens in their community. Students were able to preregister to vote during lunch on Thursday, September 23rd.

OMC students were thinking about their future after taking a USC virtual campus tour. During this tour student and staff representatives from USC participated with students via a live virtual meeting that included a campus tour as well as a Q and A portion. This tour took place in the cafeteria on the middle college campus during the morning and allowed for plenty of student seating. On a related topic, seniors began filling out their college application and looking into their FASFA applications. 

LatinX brought the house after school when a representative from the STEM field showed up to talk with them about an upcoming event that they have the opportunity to participate in. Dr. Flores, who is an Engineer from the Navy Base came to the club and had the students full attention when he discussed the construction of an underwater machine that the students would construct and test that mimics one that is being used today. The students will be supplied the raw materials and will have to measure, cut and construct the object and make sure they can control the machine from the surface while it will be underwater. More on that to come

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