Weekly Update October 8, 2021

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Hello Griffin Families!

Schoolwide Happenings Week 8
We are happy to introduce our Wellness Peers, who will collaborate together this school year to lead, coordinate, and present school-wide Peer Education lessons on prevention and mental health topics. Overall, our Wellness Peers are so excited to work along with the Student Wellness Specialist and Guidance Technician to launch the outdoor Wellness Center!
A handful of our Griffin students attended California’s Annual Clean Air Day for a tour of the Port Hueneme. Griffin students were able to see first-hand how our local produce is transported internationally such as Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador. They were amazed! Plus, our Griffin students learned Port of Hueneme’s history. Thank you, Port of Hueneme, BRITE, ACT,  and Mrs. Wolfe for the invitation!
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