Weekly Update 11/5/2021


Today is the last day of the second Progress Reporting Period. You should receive the last progress report for this semester in the mail in the next week or so. We only have 5 weeks left in the semester, including Finals Week!

This weekend, don’t forget to set your clocks back by one hour on Sunday morning, November 7.

Next Thursday, November 11, there will be no school in honor of Veterans Day.

In Academic Enrichment 2, we practice collaboration and organization (weekly plans, grade checks) to support success in high school and college classes.

Academic Enrichment 2 students working with 12th grade tutor, Monica

In AVID 9 and 11, we continue to practice college and career readiness and success skills – focused note taking, organization, and collaborative group tutorials. 

In AVID 9, students have also been studying the State of the Region Report and discussing issues they see in the community. They are working in groups to start researching what is being done in the community and how they might help. We have groups interested in working on the following issues: cleaning up local beaches, food insecurity, homelessness and housing, child care and tutoring, animal care, community gardens, and access to sports for children of all abilities. We are scheduling interviews and observations of organizations currently working on these issues. Soon students will write proposals for projects they would like to do to help continue to impress the attorneys at the Oxnard College Swap Meet on the last Sunday of each month at their Free Legal Assistance Booth.  Several students have been leading the way on community outreach for this program, reaching out to libraries, churches, and media outlets to get more people to the booth to access the services they need.

Working at the OC Swap Meet Legal Assistance Booth on Halloween

GSA meets alternate Fridays at lunch in my room. All allies and members of the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome for an affirming and supportive space. We have had two more guest speakers (a county attorney and the Associate Director of MICOP), done research and advocacy around Latinx Heritage Month, and are continuing to advocate for inclusive policies and practices within OUHSD. 

LatinXvision STEM Club is working with Dr. Ramon Flores and the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, on designing and building remotely operated underwater vehicles called “sea perches.” Dr. Flores brings engineers on campus with diverse backgrounds and specialties once or twice monthly on Fridays after school. They share their stories, as well as advise teams of students on how to build their vehicles within a virtual budget. Students completed their preliminary design reviews a few weeks ago, and today will be presenting their final designs for approval.  Once approved, they will begin construction. Ultimately, the sea perches will be put to the test of navigating through an underwater obstacle course. Not only is Dr. Flores providing role models and instruction, but he is donating all of the materials and use of the tools for this project.

AVID 9 service project groups

In AVID 11, students have been preparing to do college research. They have completed multiple career assessments (interests, values, multiple intelligences, and personality), written “How to apply for college” informational packets, done a lot of thinking and writing about themselves and what types of experiences they might like to have in college, and created Google Forms for recording the results of their college research. This week they have started conducting college research as well as mapping virtual tours of them on a shared Padlet map.

AVID 11 Tutorials

In all classes, we continue to learn about opportunities for students to gain real-world experience, test their interest in different activities and careers, and build their resumes. Sixteen students worked alongside optometrists and ophthalmologists in October at a California Lions “Friends in Sight” event, where they helped provide eye exams and fit people with refurbished prescription glasses. Several students work at the Westminster Free Clinic every other week, providing medical care to our community and students.

Students working on their sea perch designs


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