Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Schoolwide Learning Outcomes

Oxnard Middle College High School students are: 

Innovators who…

  •           Think critically to solve problems, analyze, and evaluate data.
  •           Participate in inquiry-driven learning.
  •           Use technology to access credible sources and create representations of learning.
  •           Collaborate and contribute meaningfully toward common goals in a variety of roles.
  •           Navigate high school and college systems.
  •           Complete creative and rigorous tasks and projects to demonstrate academic stamina.

Communicators who…

  •           Develop academic literacy across the curriculum.
  •           Listen and respond with objectivity.
  •           Speak and write with clarity across the curriculum.
  •           Express themselves through a variety of media for a variety of purposes.
  •           Use conventions of language to develop a point of view.

 Self-Directed Learners who…

  •           Set achievable goals.
  •           Monitor and evaluate their progress.
  •           Assume responsibility for their own learning.
  •           Construct systems of organization.
  •           Advocate for themselves and others.
  •           Act with integrity.